Be Economically Smart About Pet Parenting

Be Economically Smart About Pet Parenting

This is a guest post by Mary Nielsen at Feline Living. She provides some tips on simple ways to care for your pet on a budget. Check out her nifty infographic in this post.

Simple Ways To Care For Your Pet On A BudgetBecoming a pet parent allows you to give your furry one love. In return, he can give you benefits, as well as love right back. Find out ways to cut down on the costs of owning your beloved pet.

Vet Care, Vaccinations and Pet Insurance

Vaccinating your pet regularly means you may save some money on the municipal license your community may require. Rather than getting the whole enchilada when it comes to vaccines, get only what he needs to stay healthy.

Find a vet willing to work with you on veterinary care. Comparison-shop so you find the vet that’s right for your pet’s needs. Shop carefully for pet insurance—you want a plan that will save you money. Again, comparison-shop and choose the plan that covers the services your pet needs.

Healthy Food Choices and Snacks

Choose a pet food that offers high-quality nutrition for your pet. Saving money here may mean you’re giving him low-quality fillers and preservatives rather than real foods. Instead of buying treats, make your own. You know what ingredients your pet is eating this way.

Groom Your Pet Yourself

Rather than taking your pet to an expensive groomer, learn to clip his fur, clean his ears, clip his claws and brush his teeth yourself!  Your veterinarian can show you how to use grooming tools properly so you can keep your fur baby looking his best.

Don’t Forget Spaying and Neutering

Our world is overpopulated by stray cats and dogs. Knowing this, get your cat or dog spayed or neutered before they become sexually mature. Here’s another cost-savings to take advantage of: Showing proof that you’ve had your pet altered may save you money on his municipal license here.

Help a Friend Out and Get Help Back

If you need help with something (boarding your pet while you’re away), find a trusted friend who will help you out. Rather than spending lots of money at a boarding facility, suggest a barter arrangement. In exchange for the boarding, you can do something for your friend.

Playtime Saves You and Your Pet

Playtime eases that loving relationship between you and your pet. Buy a few inexpensive pet toys or recycle old items around your house and play. Your pet benefits from extra exercise (and you do, too).

Go for walks with your dog or cat. Using a harness, you can train your cat to walk with you. It’s enjoyable!


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