ChipotleHack: Maximize Your Free Burrito before June 30th

ChipotleHack: Maximize Your Free Burrito before June 30th

Ever since I tried my first Chipotle burrito many years ago, I knew the company would be successful. They had a great concept that’s now been duplicated with myriad other cuisines, and they’re able to serve hundreds of customers per hour with that fast-casual concept.

But even great companies will hit some hurdles. As you probably know, dozens of people were sickened with norovirus and E. coli in 2015 after eating at Chipotle. The CDC has investigated Chipotle since then and has made a statement that the outbreaks appear to be over. Hopefully, those who were sickened are doing better now.

If you’re ready to venture back through the doors of Chipotle, they are trying hard to win back customers. They’ve offered free burritos through online promotions, and I got handed a BOGO coupon on one of my recent visits.

Here is Chipotle’s current promotion:

Save your receipt! Don’t throw it away by accident!

“Purchase $25 or more in gift cards between April 25 and June 10 and bring your receipt back before June 30, 2016 to receive a FREE burrito, bowl, order of tacos, or salad.”

  1. Buy gift card of $25 or more.
  2. Save your receipt.
  3. Show your receipt on your NEXT visit before June 30, 2016 and get a FREE burrito.

Today, I’m going to share with you how to maximize your value and maximize your burrito at Chipotle with this promotion.

Total Spend: $25.00

Value after Hack: $38.10 ($7.80+$3.25+$2.05+25.00) prices in northern VA

First, you’ll have to go ahead and purchase at least a $25 gift card. Save your receipt!

On your next visit, you get a free burrito (or any of the other options).

One of my former roommates worked at Chipotle before starting a successful food truck in DC, so I give him credit for the information I’m about to share.

For most places, when they give you a free item, they charge extra for any add-ons. Chipotle does not. Here’s how to get the most food with this FREE burrito. I don’t recommend eating this all by yourself. This will typically be enough for 2 adults.

  • If you ask for a burrito bowl, you can get a tortilla on the side (no charge any time).
  • Instead of getting white rice OR brown rice, you can get both (no extra charge).
  • Same goes for beans. Black beans AND pinto beans (no extra charge).
  • Add Fajita veggies.
  • With the FREE burrito, you can get DOUBLE meat at no extra charge. Barbacoa and steak are valued at $7.80 (base price) plus $3.25 for the extra portion. Around northern Virginia, chicken and sofritas are $2.25 for an extra portion, and carnitas is $2.70, just in case you’re wondering.
  • Of course you can get all the salsas, corn, cheese, and lettuce all free of charge at any time.
  • Guacamole is normally $2.05, but there is NO extra charge if you put it in your FREE burrito.

So there you have it. You spend $25, and you get a $25 gift card and a free burrito that can be valued at $13.10 ($7.80 for a steak or barbacoa burrito, $3.25 for an extra portion of meat, and $2.05 for guac).

I just claimed a free burrito for lunch. I made a burrito with the “tortilla on the side” and there was still what looked like a full portion left. When the worker handed me the full bowl, he said, “good luck with that.” It was a mountain of food. I didn’t even get both types of rice and beans.

Made a burrito with the “tortilla on the side” and still left with a large portion of food


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