Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy?

Is it Cheaper to Rent or Buy?

This is a guest post by Jennifer Riner. Jen Riner is a real estate marketing professional whose work has been featured on Hot Pads, Forbes, Inman News, and more. After four years of steady annual increases, rent prices decelerated in the last year. Although tenants across the nation can breathe a collective sigh of relief in … Read more

Are Condo Fees A Waste Of Money? A Defense of Condo Fees

Are Condo Fees A Waste Of Money?

“Oh, I’ll never buy a condo! Condo fees are such a waste of money!” In my four years as a licensed realtor in Virginia, I’ve heard this many, many times from both friends and clients. Many people rule out condos from their search because they say condo fees are like throwing money away. I agree … Read more

How Much Does a 1% Difference in a Mortgage Rate Make?

how much difference does 1% in a mortgage rate make?

Homes have been flying off the market because the supply is so low and buyers greatly outnumber sellers in most markets. Many people are jumping into the market in hopes of becoming a homeowner before mortgage rates rise. Let’s say rates do rise a full 1 percent by the end of the year. How much … Read more

10 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

10 ways to pay off your mortgage faster

What would you do with your money if you no longer had any debt payments? How would it feel to not have credit card payments, student loan payments, car payments, or mortgage payments? Being completely debt-free is something most people won’t experience until much later in life. However, there are a growing number of people who … Read more

Homebuying 101: A Quick Guide For First-Time Homebuyers

Buying a home can be a daunting process. For first-time homebuyers, buying a home is typically the biggest financial decision they have ever made. My goal for this post is to provide a brief but clear picture of the homebuying process. I am a licensed realtor in Virginia. Some steps may be slightly different in other … Read more

Should You Rent Or Buy? Thoughts From A Realtor

“Should I rent or buy?” As a realtor, I get asked some form of this question often enough from people in my age group (late 20s / early 30s) that I thought I should address it in a blog post. Many people feel that renting is like throwing away money or paying someone else’s mortgage for them. … Read more