Welcome to LiveFrugaLee, a personal finance and financial independence blog. We’re Danny and Manny Lee, known on this blog as Mr. and Dr. FrugaLee, respectively. Yup, we’re twins.

I (Mr. FrugaLee) started this blog in February 2016 as a way to learn about blogging and to track progress on some financial goals. Dr. FrugaLee joined me one year later in February 2017.

I set a goal to pay off the mortgage on my condo (now our rental property) and to have a net worth of $1M by 2020. In addition to tracking progress on my goals on this blog, I write about personal finance and financial independence.

If you want to know more about why I’m pursuing financial independence, you can find out here: Why FI? (Financial independence, that is).

The purpose of this blog is to connect with others, explore personal finance concepts, foster discussion, and inspire others to better manage their personal finances.


Mr. and Dr. FrugaLee were both born and raised in Rhode Island, the smallest state in the U.S. with the longest official name (look it up). We grew up in eastern Cranston, a suburb of Providence. In high school, we were both strong in math and science, so we went on to pursue engineering in college. Mr. FrugaLee has a B.S. in chemical engineering from Brown, and Dr. FrugaLee has a B.S. in computer engineering from BU. Since graduating in 2007, we’ve both moved around the U.S. for our jobs.

Mr. FrugaLee

MrFrugaLee pic
Mr. FrugaLee’s family

After graduating in 2007, my first two positions took me out to Missouri and Kansas. I eventually moved to Virginia in October 2008 and have been living here since. I got married to my wonderful wife in 2012, and we had a son in early 2015.

I work full-time as a patent examiner at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. I have also been a licensed realtor since 2013 and practice real estate part-time at Samson Properties. I have done a few other side hustles including working as a server at Uncle Julio’s Fairfax Corner and driving for Uber and Lyft. I’ve since dropped these side hustles to spend more time with my family and to allow more time for blogging.

In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, running, playing table tennis, and spending time with my family and friends.

You can contact me at mrfrugalee@gmail.com.

Dr. FrugaLee

DrFrugaLee pic
Dr. FrugaLee’s family

In 2007, I moved to New Jersey for my first full-time job as an IT specialist for a financial services company. A little over three years later, I decided to leave the corporate world to pursue a career in medicine.

I attended medical school in New Jersey and obtained a residency in New York.

My wife, daughter, and I currently call Long Island, NY our home. I started my residency in the summer of 2016 and am set to finish by 2020. Although I aspire to achieve financial independence, I took a completely different path from my brother and ended up with a six-figure student debt load. My personal goal is to achieve financial independence by 2030.  

In my spare time, you’ll catch me spending time with my wife and daughter or going to the beach in the summertime. I also enjoy hiking and traveling.

Since being introduced to the world of blogs, there are several that have piqued my interest including makingsenseofcents, whitecoatinvestor, and physicianonfire.

You can contact me at drfrugalee@gmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for the comment. If we do reach financial independence, I’ll definitely still keep myself busy, but my days will probably look very different. I may still keep working at the patent office on a part-time basis. I would love to spend more time on this blog, especially the NoVA Fun series, which would involve going to different parks, museums, etc. with my family, taking pictures, and blogging about the experience. I think experiences make people more happy than the accumulation of stuff, but it’s hard to really get ourselves to believe that when we’re bombarded by messages and advertisements every day telling us what we “need” to buy to be happy.

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