Millennials, Here’s How You Should Invest Your Money

Millennials Here's How You Should Invest Your Money

How do you invest your money? Some people have been asking me how I invest and how they should invest their money. I’ll admit that I haven’t been totally transparent about my investments. I just put a number that represents the total of our investments in my monthly updates. Related: April 2017 Goal Progress: Update … Read more

April 2017 Goal Progress: Update #14

April 2017 Goal Progress

It’s been 14 months since we set a goal to pay off the mortgage (on our condo) and to have a net worth of at least $1M by 2020. This is the 14th update on the progress of the goal. If you’re wondering why we set this goal, click here. In the interest of better disclosure, I want … Read more

How Much Does a 1% Difference in a Mortgage Rate Make?

how much difference does 1% in a mortgage rate make?

Homes have been flying off the market because the supply is so low and buyers greatly outnumber sellers in most markets. Many people are jumping into the market in hopes of becoming a homeowner before mortgage rates rise. Let’s say rates do rise a full 1 percent by the end of the year. How much … Read more